Our groups

Group Photos, Anniversary Fysikalen 2022.


This group is limited to Swedish speakers

As the name suggests, the actors group consists of the actors and is led by the directors. They rehearse the script and practice acting and singing, the latter often together with the choir. Fysikalen usually has around 7-8 actors in each production. In the Anniversary Fysikalen, there were about 25 actors.

Directors: Theo Ingelstam and Amanda Helmfrid


This group is limited to Swedish speakers

The writers create the entire script for the spex. This is where the plot and all the funny lines come to life. A lot of time and energy is spent on Fysikalen’s script which, to make it even more fun, is written in rhyme. The writers are usually the largest group in the spex and include a wide age range, from new members to veterans who have been part of Fysikalen since its first production in 1982. In addition to writing the script, this group often writes many of the song lyrics for the spex.

Group Leader: Joel Widen


The choir participates in most of the musical numbers, almost always together with one or more actors. They also play an important role in the highly appreciated a cappella numbers. The choir usually consists of 6-10 people. Often, some choir members have minor roles in the plot.

Group Leader: Elise Forsberg


The orchestra is undoubtedly the largest group on stage, with about twenty people playing various instruments. They support the choir and actors with cool chords, funky riffs, and beautiful melodies. The orchestra also provides the overture and the excellent intermission music.

Group Leader: Sarah Scheving

Performances Coordinator: Christoffer Ousbäck


The dance group choreographs and performs dance numbers as a dramatic complement to the actions of the actors and choir on stage. The dance numbers are of all imaginable genres and the group works closely with the orchestra and the costume group to create spectacular numbers.

Group Leader: Lukas Granqvist

Choreography Coordinator: Joella Andersson


The costume group ensures that everyone on stage has something to wear. They create a large part of the characters and environment, setting much of the mood in the spex. The work involves the entire process from paper sketches to full costumes, and sometimes even urgent repairs during the performance. There have also been times when blood effects had to be arranged during intermissions.

Group Leader: Julia Svensk


“I run around painting people. It’s awesome!” – Viktor Kull, make-up chief Kennedy (2014). The make-up group ensures that the actors look good on stage, sometimes involving the rest of the body – including theater make-up such as false beards, mustaches, and wigs (and the occasional hat).

Group Leader: To be recruited


The PR group handles communication with the public. They advertise the spex using all possible channels, ensure that tickets are sold, and also contact companies for sponsorship and collaborations. It’s the PR group you should charm if you want a page dedicated to you in the program or one of Fysikalen’s fantastic patches.

Group Leaders: Mathilda Häggbrink and Magdalena Christiansson

Party & Cozy

The party group organizes various parties in connection with Fysikalen. This includes start-up parties, rehearsal weekend parties, final parties, and parties in between. The party and cozy group also helps ensure that all spex members feel good and that there are cookies behind the scenes.

Group Leader: Filip Dannevik

Scenery and Props

The scenery and props group builds and paints everything on stage, except possibly the actors and their clothes. It’s well-known within Fysikalen that the scenery and props group can fix almost anything. This group handles everything from backdrop painting to baguette bazooka construction and certifications like “actor-safe”.

Group Leader: Edwin Östlund

Sound & Lighting

The sound and lighting group ensures that everyone on stage is heard and seen in the best possible way. Before the performances, this involves discussing and deciding on sound and light effects with the directors and everyone involved. On performance days, they oversee sound checks and during the performances, they have the best view of all of us!

Group Leader: Emmie Zemack


The recording group captures everything on camera. As a member of the recording group, you often get to hold a camera, documenting both the performances and the preparations. Before the performances, they plan to get good angles, and afterward, they edit the material. And if the sound and lighting group thinks they have the best seats, they haven’t filmed from the front row.

Group Leader: Elias Lundell


The Halvquette is Fysikalen’s formal event held during the spring when there is no performance. It is a semi-formal sitting, a middle ground between a banquet and a gasque where alumni, active Fysikalen members, and future members celebrate together.

Group Leader: Eskil Nyberg

The Stab and Stabsledning

The Stab consists of all the people in charge you see above and is led by the Stabsledning. The Stabsledning team is three people elected by the physics chapter’s section meetings, and they, in turn, appoint the rest of the Stab. A new Stab is appointed for each production.

Group Leaders (Stabsledning): Linnea Stålberg, Albin Wickman Lundberg, and Arman Aspromonti