About Fysikalen


Fysikalen is a spex that belongs to the physics chapter at KTH, which in turn is part of THS (The Student Union at the Royal Institute of Technology). This means that most of the participants in Fysikalen either study or have studied Engineering Physics at the same school. However, Fysikalen is an open organization and thus also consists of other spex enthusiasts. In total, there are about a hundred Fysikalare involved in each production.

The first production of Fysikalen was staged in 1982 in connection with the physics chapter’s 50th anniversary and was a great success. Since then, Fysikalen has been staged every other year and is a highly appreciated element of student life in the physics chapter. Main characters in the spex have ranged from Queen Christina, Carl Michael Bellman, Shakespeare, to Billy the Kid.

Fysikalen Kennedy, 2014, performance in Helsinki. Photo: Toni Mäkelä

Today, Fysikalen distinguishes itself by being written entirely in rhyme and having extra large and ambitious groups with choir, dance, and orchestra. We are proud to offer jokes and puns on all possible (and impossible!) levels. Our goal is to provide a delightful mix of show, humor, and drama. We leave no one untouched!