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Fysikalen is happy to once again announce that Stockholm will be receiving the Physicist Spex at Aalto University, Finland. This years production is ”Limbo – No loitering” and you have one chance to see this fantastic spex when they tour Sweden. Don’t miss it! (Note that this is the one opportunity to see a spex in English.)

Det är med glädje Fysikalen återigen tar emot Fyysikkospeksi från Aalto-universitetet, Finland, när de kommer till Stockholm och sätter upp sin senaste uppsättning ”Limbo – No loitering” efter föreställningar i Finland, nyöversatt till engelska. Du har en chans att se denna fantastiska uppsättning, missa inte den!

The family McMortis has worked on lighting for ages. In the smogy 19th century the Whale Light Company allowed admission to the Billionaires Club for Gregory McMortis. By the beginning of the 20th century, the family business has passed to the next generation. The advancing technological development with the rise of electrical lighting threatens their position in the lighting industry. Should the Whale Light Co. take part in the shocking electric boom? Gregory’s sons, CEO Roy and his stepbrother Kilroy strongly disagree on the strategical future tactical plans for the company.

One afternoon the family has gathered for traditional afternoon tea. Everything passes as usual: The family servant Liz serves croissants. The loves of Gregory’s life, mothers Thelma and Louise, compete for their moment in the spotlight in Gregory’s fading mind. Roy and Kilroy argue business. But wait— Why does the senile veteran Gregory has a rifle in his hands?

Is blood thicker than whale oil? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The Physicist Spex 2013 present you an epic tale of two brothers. Come witness the dramatic plot of Hamlet, the historical accuracy of Julius Caesar and the witty turns of The Importance of Being Earnest combined!

So, what is this thing spex’? Well, on their website our Finnish friends put it like this: ”Spex is musical theatre that relies strongly on improvisation, deep knowledge of theatre technique, and powerful drama. Still, spex is best characterized by a sense of uproarious humor and good spirit. Spectators can participate in the events on stage by shouting ’Omstart’. The scene is then reperformed with a new improvised twist. You can even add additional requests to the ’Omstart’-shout, such as ’Omstart, in German!’.”

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